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  • I wholeheartedly believe WIX is the best platform for most modern small to medium-sized businesses. It is both beautiful and functional and has the flexibility, mobile responsiveness, and ease of editing needed for those with any level of website content editing. Small Business owners can take over simple tasks if need be once the site is up and running. 

  • At this time, I design solely on the WIX platform.

  • You must have all website content (imagery and text) ready to go by our agreed upon start date. Failure to do so could result in rescheduling the project to a later date and/or a restart fee.

    The best projects are well thought out and prepared before any designs are conceptualized. When the project goals are finalized before the project, you and I are working with a clear direction, purpose, and mission.

  • If you pay your deposit to book your spot but then do not complete your project forms or do not commit to having your content ready to go, you will be bumped to the next available spot and required to pay an additional 50% rescheduling fee to re-book your project back in. I have clients on a waitlist.

  • Website hosting is a service that allows you to post your website onto the Internet - think of it like the “land” or space where your website lives. In this case, WIX is your website host (a platform that provides the services needed for your website to be viewed on the Internet) and you will need to purchase a hosting plan in order to launch your site (like purchasing 'land'). A Business Plan can be purchased separately, but this is something we go over before your website goes live :)

  • Yes, if you need me to.

    For hosting, we will discuss hosting plans provided by WIX (since I create many sites, I can sometimes get you a discount and we can see what all options there are for host packages (1 year, 3 years, etc.) Most small businesses can get away with the simple start-up plan, while some other businesses need a business hosting plan (to accept payments and other pages). All of this information is the in the Final Review before going LIVE.  

    For domains, you will need to purchase or own your domain name. We will discuss this right away in Step 1. You will need to provide me permission to access your domain (if you have already purchased one).  

    With that said Sincere Web Design is not responsible for server downtime, software issues, or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site from your hosting or domain provider.

  • We can set this up. Blog Pages are an Add On Feature...I will walk you through all this in the Final Step and setting your website LIVE 

    We can set this up. Blog Pages are an Add On Feature...I will walk you through all this in the Final Step and setting your website LIVE 

  • Payments are broken into two parts. There is a 50% non-refundable deposit that needs to be paid up front in order to secure your booking, and the 50% remainder that can be paid on the end date OR when the project is complete (whichever comes first). I can also set up payment plans for large projects.

  • No. All deposits are nonrefundable as it is my way of securing your spot in the queue. I book projects several months ahead of time, and scheduling ensures that I give all of my clients the proper amount of time that a project deserves. As a result, I turn away clients for your reserved time slot. If you back out of the project, you may leave an empty spot that could have been given to another project. The deposits ensure that clients are serious about moving forward with the project.

  • If for some reason you are still not happy after two rounds of refinement, we will continue the refinement process at my current hourly rate.

    We go through an in-depth questionnaire and briefing process in the beginning to make sure we are on the same page, so 99% of the time 2 refinement rounds are plenty!

  • No. I am in charge of the design of your website and the look and feel of the visuals. I collaborate with a fab business called Wordfetti who I work with closely if you need help. They will write your entire website copy! They have their own process and will work with you to strategize your content around your unique message. Let me know if you want to work this into your package.

  • No. I am in charge of the design of your website and the look and feel of the visuals. I collaborate with multiple photographers who take beautiful and professional photos, so please get in touch if your business needs high-res photographs to do your new website justice!

  • Each website package timeline has been thoughtfully created to give us enough time to do our research, for me to draft your design, and for us to go through the testing stage. However, there are some circumstances in which your site may be able to be turned around quickly if the situation allows. At the beginning of the Meet + Greet Step 1, we will determine our Project End Date. I try to stick to this date as close as possible.

  • Currently, I do not offer ongoing maintenance services but included in every website package there is an optional scheduling Learning Session which is about 1.5 hours of training (via Zoom) and/or 1 additional hour of in-person training (if living locally) to go over every part of your site and how to edit it.

    A Help Guide PDF is also included in your website package and will be given once the site is LIVE.

  • We can set this up. Blog Pages are an Add On Feature...I will walk you through all this in the Final Step and setting your website LIVE 

    Yes, Please use my scheduling tab to help with getting you on the schedule.

  • I do not WIX is an on-platform design with full-page content. This just gives you a full idea of the site with working buttons, images, and a responsive layout (instead of a flat wireframe).

  • While WIX is robust and powerful, there are times when it isn’t the best fit for your needs. WIX isn’t currently built to support:

    • Super heavy/full e-commerce shops (I recommend Shopify for this)

    • Inventory management software or point-of-sale systems - we can integrate and use add on apps like Stripe, PayPal etc.

    • Afterpay – this is coming but not available in all regions

Have a question still not answered. 

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